How To Develop A Sales Funnel

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The first thing to consider in sales funnel development is the target audience. This includes a clearly defined customer base. Once this is established, it is critical to identify tools that can increase exposure to a product or service offering. A sales funnel, visually speaking has a circular rim representing the global customer. The next step in sales funnels creation is to sift out eligible customers and non-eligible customers. Eligible customers meet the criteria of likely individuals that see value in a product or service and have the propensity to purchase. Non-eligible customers may visit a website, see a service or product and more than likely won’t purchase because there is no established need.

Drawing eligible customers consist of using such tools as social media, blogs, and other online resources. The primary objective is to use online platforms to reach eligible customers and give options to buy a product or service. An example is creating a Facebook fan page. This can be used to accomplish several things, from highlighting existing customer testimonials to disseminating information about sales and promotions. Additionally, all websites associated with a brand should have the appropriate keywords and should be listed in major search engines. Branding should be seamless. There will be a primary site, which is where customers can learn about the organization, product or service and following websites such as social media and blogs. These should all replicate the brand across websites, so there is no ambiguity.

Capturing customer data is crucial with sales funnel development. There should be a payoff to the customer for leaving their personal information. An example is letting customers know by registering an email address; customers will be privy to future sales and promotions. Additionally, it is important to let eligible customers know by subscribing and giving certain personal information, that there is some exclusivity in doing so. Another example would be to indicate by signing up for a preferred email list; there is a discount on your first purchase.

Effective marketing and advertising of a product or service should ultimately translate into increased sales. Once the target audience is identified, and primary and subsequent websites are developed, it is paramount to have a marketing plan. This is the blueprint or method to reaching eligible customers. Promotional tools may include email blasts, press releases, and newsletters.

How to develop a sales funnel? The keys are identifying the target audience, utilizing online resources to attract eligible customers and having a good marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is important to measure the usefulness of marketing and promotional methods. There are tools that can give demographics and data about visitors to websites. This is called web analytics and is used to determine where the visitors are from, how many times visiting the site and which page is visited most. Web analytics gives a picture of a customer’s profile and behavior at a website. This is vital so that adjustments and changes can be made to make purchasing at a site a fluid experience.