Save Your Marriage Using Only Web Hosting

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Some guys have relationship problems because they stay on the TV or computer too often, but let’s turn that on its head for a moment. Is it possible to save your marriage using only Web hosting? It’s a little weird and unconventional, but you can build a website to remind your spouse of all those lovely times you had together and why you love her so much. It’ll also add some spice back into your life, and everyone loves that. Post Photos Post some photos of your wife on your website.

Don’t just pick random pictures. Pick ones that remind her of happy times. Many relationships are in danger because both people forget how good the relationship used to be. Posting photos from those happy times will remind both of you how great the marriage was, and it also shows that you are putting in effort to make it better. Get Sappy Women want you to be sappy.

They want you to ooze with love and pure feelings. It might be annoying, it might even hurt, but now’s the time to do it. Write the sappiest things that you can think of. Write about how cute her toes are, or how happy you feel when looking into her eyes. Write some poetry and small messages about how much you love her. Remember, you want to save your marriage. It’s time to put away your inhibitions and write as lovey-dovey as you can.

Schedule Meetings Women want you to do things, but they also want everything to be spontaneous. This is often difficult to pull off, but you can with Web hosting. Just make a page about meetings and give her cryptic clues. “We meet in the café at 123 Broad St. I’ll be the dashing man in the formal mask offering you a cigarette. I’ll abscond you from your lonely life to a seaside retreat.”

This tells her where to be and some of the things that she can expect, but leaves enough mystery so that she’s intrigued. Be creative and see where it goes. Just put in the effort and be a little sexy. Special Sales Have you ever heard of lover’s coupons? Those Valentine’s Day coupons that lovers give to each other promising to do whatever is on the coupon? We’re using that idea, but improving it by making it a little more spontaneous.

Make a “special sales” page on your website and random post coupons that have a certain start and end date. Your spouse will immediately be interested in the coupons, and there’s a higher chance that she’ll use them (which is a good thing). For example, promise to wear a thong over the weekend or give her 20 reasons why you love her whenever she uses the coupon.

Once again, make it sexy and spontaneous. Conclusion You can save your marriage by using a website if you do it correctly. Make her remember the good times and promise to make new memories. It’s actually very easy and you might both love it after giving it a try. Just remember to put in the effort and you should have no trouble winning her back. Check out for more web hosting reviews.