Best Streaming Devices for Showtime

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Showtime is a premium channel that offers a variety of programming options. It plays movies and documentaries as well as multiple television shows and original programs. It also includes some sports programs like championship boxing. With all these services, it is easy to see why Showtime is a popular choice among many consumers. Because of its many programming options and popularity, customers were very interested in a way to take the Showtime programs with them so they could watch them on more than just a TV with a cable or satellite subscription. Showtime gave customers what they were looking for by adding streaming subscription services that are available on multiple devices. There are numerous streaming devices that can be effectively used to watch Showtime and choosing the best streaming device one is up to the consumer.

Streaming Showtime on a TV is one of the easier methods for streaming Showtime and it is very effective. This allows customers to watch Showtime on a large screen, as large as the TV you have access to, in a similar way to how Showtime can be watched on a regular TV that has a satellite or cable subscription. Showtime is available on several Samsung Smart TVs. It can also be accessed via the third and fourth generations of Apple TV. This allows users to access Showtime content and watch what they choose rather than having to watch what is currently on a Showtime channel being broadcast over a cable or satellite subscription. 

There are also several devices that can be attached to most regular TVs that allow viewers to stream the Showtime content to the TV. These devices plug into the TV through the HDMI port or another port and allow content to be viewed on a TV that might not necessarily have smart capabilities built directly into the TV. Amazon Fire TV stick is a great option for customers who prefer to use Amazon to manages their streaming subscriptions and services, but other options are available. Roku is another option that can be connected to a TV and it streams Showtime programs very well. In addition to the Amazon Fire TV stick and the Roku, Chromecast is a great inexpensive option for adding smart capabilities to an existing TV. The Chromecast can be plugged into an available HDMI port and Showtime can then be streamed to the TV through an application on a mobile phone.

Mobile phones and tablets are also excellent streaming devices for Showtime programming content. These devices allow the customers to download an application and watch Showtime directly on their mobile device or tablet regardless of their location. As long as cellular data service is available, Showtime will stream without issue. The programming video content will play directly on the screen of the customer’s mobile device or tablet and the audio can be heard on the mobile devices speakers or through headphones or even through and external speaker that can be wired directly to the mobile phone or tablet or connected to the device via Bluetooth. Showtime currently has great applications available for many of the Amazon Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets as well as applications for both Apple and Android operating systems. The mobile phone and tablet option for streaming Showtime provides the most versatile streaming option as content can be taken almost anywhere to be enjoyed.

A final option for steaming Showtime programming content is on an internet connected laptop or desktop computer. Using the Showtime website, customers can access all of Showtime’s great content on their personal computers. This option allows a larger screen than a mobile device or tablet, but is usually limited to areas where internet connection is available. The Showtime website is easy to use and can be clicked through rather quickly to assess the programming content for what is available to watch. Streaming Showtime on a laptop or desktop computer allows customer to decide what to watch more quickly than on other devices. Showtime has web based services that support both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Overall there are multiple devices available for streaming Showtime and choosing the best depends on an individual customer’s personal needs. The best option overall is the smartphone. It allows customers the most mobility and has the available option of streaming the content directly on the phone screen or sending it to another device with minimal additional investment. When taking these factors into account and comparing them to the benefits of the other streaming options, it can be concluded that the best streaming device for Showtime is a smartphone. 

Best Streaming Devices for Showtime